12 Feb 2019

How You Can Effectively Support Teams Facing Constant Change

by Jonathan| Feb 12, 2019
When I reflect back on the teams I was a member of during rapid and constant change over my 15 years in high-tech product development, what I remember most is how much habitual reaction I witnessed - both in myself and others. I’m talking about the quick, automatic behaviors (like retorts or knee-jerk emails) that occurred without much thinking.  During periods of intense firefighting and reaction to events unfolding outside the team, the gap between thought and action was razor-thin - and discussions were fast and frequently furious. So what exactly was I witnessing and what could we have done about it?
24 Jan 2019

Why Team Effectiveness Matters to the Leaders You Support

by Virginia| Jan 24, 2019
In my career I’ve been privileged to have been part of several executive teams trying to rapidly grow an organization. We were the most senior leaders, and charged with building out our functions to support the needs of the growing organization. We were all smart, experts in our functional areas and committed. We believed those qualities were sufficient for us to be effective, but in retrospect, not quite. What were we missing?
21 Jan 2019

How To Support Teams in Constant Change

by Jonathan| Jan 21, 2019
Constant change isn’t just a hallmark of innovation and disruption - it is becoming a common occurrence across industries, geographies, and even company sizes. When change accelerates to the point of being ever-present, it creates unique challenges to leaders and their teams. So how can you support them under these conditions?

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