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30 May 2019

How to Support the Focus of Teams to Achieve More

by Jonathan| May 30, 2019
Focusing on what’s most important for achieving key objectives is challenging in the conditions of constant change. Fires, distracting issues, and ad-hoc challenges abound. It gets even more complicated in the context of meetings, where there are multiple people in the room - as each has the potential to shape the attention of the group with everything they say. It can be tempting for leaders to step in and be directive when attention and focus dissipates during a leadership team meeting they are running - but then this can foster dependence on them to get things done. So how can you support the development of focus in a team from an HR perspective while keeping members empowered?
3 May 2019

Supporting the Development of the Leader’s Mind

by Jonathan| May 3, 2019
Leadership has many facets to it. It looks different in each organization, in each role, and even in each situation - which is part of the challenge, and also what makes it fascinating to study. As I reflect back on the set of skills I most commonly coach my executive clients and their teams on, there is one common trend. This is a secret habit, the “one skill to rule them all” if you will. And it will help those you support to grow and develop as a leader more than any other.
28 Mar 2019

How to Support Teams Through Their Stages of Development

by Jonathan| Mar 28, 2019
In coaching executives, managers, and team leaders over the last few years, I keep encountering one common developmental hurdle. This is what I refer to as “leadership agility”: adapting your leadership style to meet others’ needs. This ain’t easy to do! We all tend to fall into habits in how we show up, and we naturally excel as leaders when the situation calls for those habits. And when they don’t, we stumble. A great example of this is the approach we use to help a team we are leading to improve its overall effectiveness. What makes this tricky is that the approach to use depends on the stage of development of the team.
12 Feb 2019

How You Can Effectively Support Teams Facing Constant Change

by Jonathan| Feb 12, 2019
When I reflect back on the teams I was a member of during rapid and constant change over my 15 years in high-tech product development, what I remember most is how much habitual reaction I witnessed - both in myself and others. I’m talking about the quick, automatic behaviors (like retorts or knee-jerk emails) that occurred without much thinking.  During periods of intense firefighting and reaction to events unfolding outside the team, the gap between thought and action was razor-thin - and discussions were fast and frequently furious. So what exactly was I witnessing and what could we have done about it?
21 Jan 2019

How To Support Teams in Constant Change

by Jonathan| Jan 21, 2019
Constant change isn’t just a hallmark of innovation and disruption - it is becoming a common occurrence across industries, geographies, and even company sizes. When change accelerates to the point of being ever-present, it creates unique challenges to leaders and their teams. So how can you support them under these conditions?

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